When the sun is up, and the after-midnight community is still in the land of nod, I’m wide awake, leaning on my need to design and smacking my stamp down on the critical world with the kind of vigor usually reserved for crushing Ford Pintos into cubes. They say it’s a design/work/life, but that’s just my life. I think we’re going to get along swimmingly.

Find me at hello[at]alexisyoungdesign.com or on the internet bird @alexisfooyoung.

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This is the poster/flyer for the first East Vanscapes show a just over a year ago now. Wow. I still really like this poster. Considering I didn’t know anything about Photoshop (or anything really) a year ago is crazy. I made this the weirdest and most backwards way possible. But it turned out cool! I think I cut and pasted letters from the internet to make the title. Pretty crafty for a n00b, hey?

Those sweet ghetto houses are right by where I used to live, in that big house. Miss that place! I live in a stupid apartment now. Hahaha.