When the sun is up, and the after-midnight community is still in the land of nod, I’m wide awake, leaning on my need to design and smacking my stamp down on the critical world with the kind of vigor usually reserved for crushing Ford Pintos into cubes. They say it’s a design/work/life, but that’s just my life. I think we’re going to get along swimmingly.

Find me at hello[at]alexisyoungdesign.com or on the internet bird @alexisfooyoung.


Basically what we have here is a dreamer. Somebody out of out touch with reality. When she jumped, she probably thought she’d fly.

I drew my friends part 2. @g_brv #illustration #pastel

I drew my friends part 1. @laannnyyy #illustration #pastel

We got your freshest summer tanks just in time for Juneuary! Come to our show tomorrow at the @foxcabaret to get yr paws on one! #keepcool #juicy #sexwithstrangers

And now my band, Sex with Strangers, is playing at the end of this month at the Fox Cabaret, and it’s a FREE SHOW. That’s right.

So if it sucks, you can’t ask for your money back. But you can pour your drink on me.

Poster for my boys, the Gay Nineties, for their show at the new Fox Cabaret. Fun times, this was! 

Poster for a digital mixer here in Vancouver.

Lil’ illustration of mine published in this issue of @ionmagazine! #Boston #illustration

Monogram design for Isabelle Dunlop Clothing.

Monogram design for Isabelle Dunlop Clothing.

Full logomark for Isabelle Dunlop.

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